Welcome to Spinola Park

Welcome to
Spinola Park

Spinola Park is located in the heart of St. Julian’s. The project delivers a high quality working lifestyle with the comforts of being in a green, thoughtfully curated space.


The office space will be modular with raised flooring; ensuring flexibility.

  • 9,500 sqm of office space
  • 1,200 sqm of private terraces with lush trees and vegetation
  • Uniform distribution from air conditioning units
  • Number of air changes per hour as per statutory code
  • Acoustic lining for sound absorption
  • Environmentally sustainable design features
  • 24hr Reception at entrance lobby, including seating area
  • Business continuity with dedicated back-up generator
  • High speed internet connection with redundancy
  • VRF with heat recovery units
  • Auto irrigation for private terraces
  • Stud wall gypsum partitioning, including doors
  • Firefighting including; blankets, extinguishers, alarm and smoke detectors
  • Insulation, double glazing apertures and landscaping
  • Complimentary retail services

Carob Tree Food Court

Carob Tree is a completely new culinary concept for Malta. It is a food court with over 11 different concessions with a worldly variety to choose from; with frequently changing menus, bite size tasters, open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit www.carobtree.com.mt for more information.


Manouche is an everyday craft bakery and bistro which celebrates the finesse of classical French cooking, while retaining a flair and passion for local ingredients and culinary traditions. Inspired by the eclectic ‘Manouche’ style of jazz from which our bakery takes its name, and based on the bouchons and esteemed cafes of Lyon to the bistros of Paris, Manouche is an homage to rustic, traditional old-world bakeries and bistros. Those with an authentic love of food will find music in every dish we serve.


The retail section will be a large stationary shop with a small range of household, gift items and toys. It will also contain a dry cleaning drop off point and will serve as complimentary retail to Spinola Park.


After the success of delivering a new shopping experience with the St. Venera store; Park Towers Supermarkets will proudly be adding a large store at Spinola Park. With the help of their northern European top retail experts, the store at Spinola Park will create a shopping experience which will be unmatched anywhere in Malta. Park Towers Supermarkets – creating the future in Supermarket Retail on the island.


The residential units are available for let and have an open plan layout with different designs to suit diverse types of living preferences with Studio and Duplex apartments.

  • 22 different residential units to let
  • Accessible from Lapsi Street and connected to the car park
  • Links to the rest of the project
  • High level of furnishings and finishes
  • 1, 2 or 3 bedroom
  • Sizes ranging from 55 sqm to 140 sqm

Car Park

Account holders will be able to drive in and out of the car park with ease thanks to license plate recognition technology. This will be Malta’s most technologically advanced car park.

  • 450 Spaces
  • Regulated by license plate recognition technology
  • Parking guidance system directing visitors to the closest available space, thus saving time & emissions
  • Sensors and lights indicating free spaces will result in hassle free parking

Additional Amenities & Environmental Considerations

Spinola park is a green project.

Efforts to limit impact began even before construction as the rock excavated from the site was recycled as aggregate for the concrete. The terraces which characterise Spinola Park’s facade will be adorned with over 90 linear meters of lush vegetation per floor; designed by internationally renowned French landscape architect Patrice Marchal. The irrigation of these terraces will use recycled water from the AC units to keep maintenance costs low and waste minimal.

The green roof will provide energy-saving insulation for the whole building as well as soften the visual impact of the project. Waste separation and recycling will also be implemented in the waste management system.

These design choices were carefully made to keep operating and common area costs to a minimum while enhancing the Spinola Park lifestyle.

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